Health Care Services

Dr Reema Kohli believes in ensuring your questions and concerns as a patient are answered comprehensively keeping the latest evidence in Gynaecologiocal practice around the world at the core. She makes sure the her advice is focused on optimising your overall quality of life by encorporating a multipronged approach to addressing not just medical problem but also its impact on your mental, social and proffessional wellbeing. She is experienced and competent in the management of the following conditions

  1. Heavy periods
  2. Period pain
  3. Pelvic pain
  4. polyps of cervix and uterus
  5. irregular  menstrual  cycles
  6. post coital bleeding and pain
  7. vulval pain, inflammation and precancerous conditions
  8. ovarian cysts
  9. ovarian torsion
  10. pelvic organ prolapse / post hysterectomy prolapse
  11. urinary incontinencde
  12. endometriosis
  13. contraception based on special needs of the patient
  14. vaginal  discharge and pelvic infections including  sexually transmitted infections
  15. vaginal  cysts/ vulval cysts/Bartholin cysts
  16. Urinary problems including  infections of urethra/ bladder
  17. Bladder pain / interstitial cystitis
  18. menopausal issues including hot  flushes/vaginal dryness/ loss of libido
  19. management of precancerous conditions of cervix / vagina/ vulva/ uterus
  20. fibroids including  fibroids growing  inside uterine cavity
  21. subfertility assessments/ prepregnancy counselling
  22. ectopoic pregnancy
  23. miscarriage

Dr Reema Kohli offers the minimally invasive surgery / open/vaginal  surgery for

  1. Hysterectomy { removal of uterus - through laparoscopic or vaginal or open abdominal approach}
  2. myomectomy - removal of fibroids through hysteroscopic/ laparoscopic approach
  3. Ovarian cystectomy - removal of ovarian cysts through laparoscopic/ open approach
  4. endometrial ablations
  5. Prolapse  surgery - repair of prolapse of vagina and uterus through vaginal surgery
  6. Endometriosis - excision of endometriosis through laparoscopic surgery
  7. precancerous cervical abnormality - excised through vaginal approach

Other Servces offered in outpatient clinic

  1. Colposcopy
  2. IUD insertion
  3. endometrial biopsy
  4. cervical / vulval / vaginal biopsy
  5. excision of cervical polyps
  6. cervical screening tests